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But don’t celebrate just yet, for we still have a long way to complete our secretly official undertaking.

Once again, our entire species’ sense of style and intellectuality is under attack by a new blog-entry.

It was authored by individuals either hostile or friendly to our organization, the mere details haven’t been investigated yet. But they’re most definitely silly people.

Your mission, should you accept it, is to read said article and make sure that your personal sanity continues to last.

As usual, if any of your cranial capacities should be dimmed or killed, the Scottish under-secretary of infrastructure will unmistakably disavow any knowledge of your actions.

Today’s two items of interest comprise an organization and a movie.




Here we have an enterprise that, basically, works as an establisher of contact between older folks in need of help for whatever reason, and the ideal person to help them (pflege-kontakt-24 = Care-Contact-24).

This is not limited to medical assistance, as the assignments carried out by the supporters range from cooking to cleaning up or merely physical help required in, for example, climbing stairs.

We have on purposely avoided the term geriatric care, because it sounds a bit gloomy and overwhelming, though of course, it would be fitting.

Nevertheless, what those people accomplish every day deserves nothing but respect! It is a most noble Job, that, if done right, can increase the comfort of an enormous amount of people, not just the “patients” themselves, but also their relatives and friends.

But the person who gets into a situation where they need help, and admit to do so, are probably as brave as their supporters. It is not easy to swallow your pride and hire someone to help you with everyday tasks, you used to be able to do on your own.

“Pflege-24” is particularly heroic, as it accepts responsibility for the Health and Well-being of their customers.

On their homepage, it says literally: “Let us pay regard to the person in need, as a partner of equal value and respect their dignity and uniqueness. Let’s notice them as a whole human being and hold them in high esteem, regardless of Age, Sex, Religion and Heritage!”

A strong message in times like these. Actually, any time.



Tomorrowland (A world beyond)

Alright, so what we have here is a film, that takes A LOT of patience and trust to actually enjoy it.

The reason for this is that, for starters, it is based loosely on a Disney theme park attraction.

One way to interpret the movie is to see it as a mere advertisement of the theme park, starring George Clooney.

If you do so, and you are like me about these things, this interpretation would probably label the film unacceptable, and you would reject everything about it.

This is not the way I wanted to see it, though.

Let’s start with the basic storyline. If you don’t like Spoilers, that’s too bad, you nerd!

So, there’s this teenage girl, Casey, whose father is, or used to be, an engineer at NASA, who’s continuously getting into trouble, mainly because of her idealism and technical abilities.

Eventually she receives a small pin with a “T” on it, that transports her into a different reality of a futuristic society with an advanced technology and an overall pleasant vibe, every time, and only as long as she touches it.

She tracks the pin back to a, sort of “retro-sci-fi”-store run by a man and woman who then try to kill her.


She is saved by a much younger girl, whom we have encountered numerous times in the movie by that time, and it is revealed that she, as well as the two store-runners are robots.

Athena, that’s the name of the girl, after admitting to have sent Casey the pin, then drives her to George Clooney’s house who seems to be a reclusive genius inventor.

Turned cynical and depressed by the course of the world, and his expulsion from Tomorrowland, which is the name of said cool futuristic place, he has developed a machine that predicts the near end of the world, provoked by humans of course, at 100%.

After a heated philosophical discussion, in which Casey’s stubbornness idealism gains the upper hand, the machine jumps from 100% to about 99,9%.

From this event, Clooney’s role concludes that, with the right approach, humanity might be saved after all.

They then have to flee as more robots have come after her to kill them.

Action-Action-robots-cool plasma guns-Action, then….

They end up at the Eiffel tower and using a rocket, of some kind, they manage to arrive in Tomorrowland.

The version of that place, which Casey knew from the pin, has only been a simulation, and the real Tomorrowland turns out to be almost uninhabited, except a few people ruled or commanded, or whatever, by Hugh Laurie (‘s role).

He, himself doesn’t appear to be a robot, but it is not really revealed what he is exactly.

Laurie has a similar machine, like Clooney’s which can actually show the world’s end, by visually projecting the future.

A similar situation like the one in Clooney’s house evinces: They have a discussion in which Casey refuses to accept that the world is going to end soon, and for a second, the projections turn positive.

They syllogize (fancy word alert!) that the machine projects these visuals into the mind of the earthlings, so that the end of the world becomes more and more imminent to them, thus turning it into a self-fulfilling-prophecy.

Hugh Laurie doesn’t let himself be influenced by this and asks them to leave. But instead, a fight emerges because Casey, Clooney and Athena want to destroy the machine. Oh-oh!

Another action-sequence.

Hugh Laurie, ye olde cynic becomes unable to stop them and a fatally wounded Athena explodes taking the machine with her. Very sad.

Eventually Casey and Clooney reopen Tomorrowland and start recruiting creative and clever visionaries again.

The End…….????

Yeah, so that’s the basic plot of the movie.

Tomorrowland has been criticised for being naïve, shallow and boring. Also, I have already mentioned the argument about the theme park.

But if you manage to embrace the message, which shouldn’t be too hard, in case you’re human being with a healthy soul, you might actually like it as much as I do.

First of all, the visuals are extremely cool (arguably, it’s a fucking multi-million-dollar-Disney-film, the visuals better be good. But…)

Not just in terms of realisation, also (, actually, especially,) in design.

This retro-sci-fi stuff being realised with modern CGI is really, really enjoyable.

A while ago I have read that the director turned down the job of directing the newest Star Wars movie to work on this film, so he apparently really DID care about it.

But the most important thing, for this blog is of course the message!

What the movie basically says is that it is not okay to simply sit in a corner and wait for the worst-case-scenario to strike.

It is a movie whose protagonists succeed by using humour, creativity, flexibility and bravery.

No matter whether it comes to environmental or social issues, those attributes are not just helpful, but essential in order to come up with lasting solutions.

And yeah, Hugh Laurie and George Clooney are in it!

So, if you have already seen it, did not like it, maybe go back and give it another chance.

Or don’t! Just, maybe try to implement some of these qualities in your daily life, if You’re not doing that already.

We, at the 6/24-initiative certainly try to do so.

But maybe we’re just weird nerds who like movies, everyone else hates.


Alright that’s it again.

Thanks for reading.

And never, forget: the world needs YOU to rub the good, honest and beautiful in its face!

-Simon, your weird 6/24-blogger.

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