Media-Man and Charity-Boy fighting crime (or something)

Hello? Hello??? Hello?????????????

Can you hear me now? I can’t hear you!

Try speaking a little bit louder. No, wait… I’m driving through a tunnel, right now.

That’s better, now we can talk.

I still can’t hear you.

You wanna write instead?

Oh wait… ahahahahaaaaaaaaa, Silly me! There’s no one to talk to. Just my computer screen, in the dark, with a cup of coffee.

Let me tell you, dear reader, I’ve been totally muddled all day. First, I mistake Latvia with Lithuania, then I realize this is 2017 and Daniel Defoe wrote Robinson Crusoe. Boy, you should have seen the guys at my Bingo club. They said I was too easily distracted! Can you believe HEY LOOK, A BIRD!

Aaaaaaaaaanyway, it’s blog-time, y’all. Time to write about people with a longer attention span than me.

Let’s be happy they exist, and ask them where they got these shoes, ‘cause they are the same colour as that car over there, cars are funny, I like cars they’re like boats for streets, boats are cool too, who invented boats anyway, we should look this up right now on …….


THING with the number ONE:

“Changemakers in the Arab World” by Friends of the middle east

This is an upcoming documentary, sponsored by the organization “Friends of The Middle East”, directed by Clara Kossaifi and Thomas Vailleux.

There is already a teaser available on YouTube for you, dear reader, to watch.

It starts off with a state of play: The Arabian World is in the grip of wars, terrorism, civil unrest, corruption, unemployment, environmental crisis, gender inequality. Where to look for a better future?

Basically, social entrepreneurs with solutions to these problems are being given their time to shine.

We hear some excerpts from interviews, most of which appear positive, with a strong focus on the future and their common vision of a fairer, more peaceful planet.

What could be better than that?

As of now, there is not too much to find about it in English, French seems to be the main-language of the organization, but the teaser has English subtitles so if you can read THIS, you will understand the video too.

We, at sixtwentyfour, find the positive and thoughtful message of the film fantastic and can’t wait for the actual documentary to come out.

Here’s the link to the teaser:

And here is the organization:


THING with the number TWO:

The actress from “Lookin’ to Get Out”

What’s the difference between an actress and an activist?

No, honestly, due to Angelina Jolie’s involvement in the third world, we find it hard to differentiate between the two jobs.

I remember something about Hollywood actors being selfish and spoiled, but that image doesn’t really fit someone who donates millions of dollars to different humanitarian causes.

Then again, I have also never heard of a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador playing main characters in major Hollywood Blockbusters. Some of which are actually GOOD!

It’s all so confusing. What will happen next? An action star becoming Governor of a US-Sate?

Actors have a big impact on our society. We love stalking them via magazines, the internet or even tv-programs aimed at exposing their private lives. And some of them profit from this concept. Others use the attention for actual improvement of our planet.

Some raise awareness for the environment, or endangered species. Others fight for the rights of marginalized groups in our society, collect money for science and so on. And some dedicate themselves to the most underprivileged people of the poorest regions on the globe.

There’s certainly enough areas in our society, that could use a little improvement.

Now, if you’re sceptical, you might say:

(whiny voice)

“But, I don’t believe those people really care about those causes. It’s all just public relations, nothing more!”

To which we, at sixtwentyfour reply:

“So what, you Gnashnab?”

Suggesting it’s true, and no prominent person is honestly devoted to humanitarian causes, and it’s all just a fun game the media plays with them, the effects are still present.

We receive information about conflict zones, impoverished nations and so on, sometimes disguised as gossip or infotainment, thus getting people to think and talk about them. The results are what really counts, after all, right?

In addition to financially helping, Angelina Jolie also regularly “travels” to refugee camps around the world, in her positions of UN-Ambassador, covering the costs for those trips herself, instead of letting the United Nation pay for them.

MC AJ, as we`d definitely call her, if we knew her, has put a lot of effort into supporting the UNHCR, Doctors without borders, the Red Cross, and many, many other causes.

Public relations, or not, that deserves massive respect.

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget she furthermore adopted like fifty kids from the third world.

(Actually it’s “only” three, in addition to her three biological kids. The internet provides SO MUCH information!)

Maybe now, you’re in the mood to watch a movie with her. I recommend Kung Fu Panda.

Sooo, if you have read this entry fully you might pat yourself on your shoulder, now.

And tell me what you think!

Pardon, what was that?

I don’t understand you can you speak up a little?

A little louder please.

-Simon, your dum-dum-6/24-bloger.

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