Ex-CLIMATE-ory Arnie

Goooooooood moooooooooorning, eeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarth.

When was the last time you’ve seen that movie with the pacifistic radio host? It’s soooooo great. Robin Williams is in it, did you know that? I dunno, it’s been a while for me.

We should generally spend more time watching great movies and worry less about world-affecting issues like, I don’t know, climate change.

That is of course not a smart thing to write. Some might actually call it counterproductive!

But don’t you sulk, beloved reader, I didn’t mean it. Sorry. You know I love you. Gimme a kiss.

This vaguely brings us to today’s topic.

Wanna read an entry about climate change? Don’t answer! We’re writing one in any case, and you’re gonna read it because you’re extraordinarily beautiful.

Climate change, or “alteration of clime” as no one calls it, refers to the dramatic increase of temperature the earth is experiencing and the concomitant effects this has on flora and fauna (this includes you).

This planet, OUR planet, has went through changes before (remember the ice age? If you do you are OLD!), but never as abruptly and quickly as at the moment. The high amount of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere is causing the globe’s temperature to increase drastically amounting to the oceans swelling and flooding the coasts.

Also, glaciers! They are melting, leading to the sea level rising even further, and incidentally decreasing the chance of survival of entire species, like your friendly neighbourhood seal or ice bear.

The infamous co2, furthermore increasing the amount of acid in our water, is killing off even more types of animals, this time, fish and other sea creatures, like clams and Ariel (though that last might be from a movie). It’s not a joke though; if fish go, so does the primary source of nutrition for about a billion people. HUMAN people! Homo sapiens!

On top of that, we are experiencing more and more natural disasters like tornadoes and, obviously, heat waves, as well as the disappearing of entire species all over the globe; and so forth.

Most scientists (about 97%) agree that these effects are a product of human life-style, because after all it is US who shoot all that crap into the atmosphere.

So, yes, it’s a pretty fucked up situation, and, yes, you personally can’t take action as much as you’d probably like to, but that’s no reason to abandon all hope. Don’t forget that there are numerous projects and organizations out there, which are making an actual difference, be it through lobbying, research, or education.

One of those non-profit organizations we’d like to introduce you to is R20 – Regions of climate actions.

It was founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger and the UN.

(It’s true. We’re not joking. Honestly. It was co-founded by the UN.

And, yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The guy who once fought an alien in the jungle is now on an actual rescue mission for same jungle, it’s nice when the circle is complete.)

The Organizations main activities is to help further develop climate friendly projects from an economic and sub-national political starting point, because the founders believe that this is the most efficient way to quickly and sustainably take action. From there, the projects are to grow into a broader area and eventually bring up international change.

The philosophy is that governments, national, sub-national and international; academics; NGOs; technological innovators as well as investors DO all share the same vision of green jobs, sustainable energy and of course bringing climate change to halt, but are having trouble making actual progress.

The reason for this is, according to R20, that project developers don’t know how to make attractive offers to possible investors, hence to the stigmatization of low-carbon investments as “not lucrative”. The same goes for governments, only mainly with votes and social progress instead of profits.

R20 establishes connections between those three players worldwide.

Partners are, among many others, for example the state of California, the city of Vienna or the republic of Mali as regions in need of more thoughtful programmes; the university of Leeds or LG as developers; as well as the Deutsche Bank or the UN Capital Development Fund, who take the role of investors. The list goes on and on and is worth checking out.

The central goal is to prevent a 2°C increase in temperature by the year 2020. But the positive effects go much further, as a climate friendly society, and technological and financial economy have many benefits on long term. Like decreasing poverty, creating jobs, and of course saving mother earth and hence, ourselves.

It’s most definitely a 6/24-project because it is by definition bringing people and projects together, advancing a common, proactive goal.

Because it is a growing, global network of climate protection and education.

Because it supports projects showing alternatives to our present-day, rather unhealthy manner of dealing with our planet.

And because it focuses on what is already working, and how; highlighting those factors (individuals, companies, NGOs, regions…) and setting up an environment of conversation, imagination and ingenuity.

As an additional effect, it goes to show that the environment is not just a concern of Hippies and the left, but also of the economy, and all political ideals, be it liberals, conservatives (like Arnie, himself), social democrats, neo-liberals, anarchists, or members of the protestant party of pansexual pan flute-players, which I just made up.

Hopefully we’ll all hear more from this organization in the future, as it has endless potential to make the world a better place.

We’re convinced, even you, dearest reader, could take a look at the R20–homepage and find something you, personally, appreciate.

And never forget, the world needs YOU to rub the good, honest and beautiful in its face!

-Simon, your slightly groovy 6/24-blogger

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