6/24 – the birth of supportainment

Welcome to Earth. We missed Ya!

Why, heeellllooooooooooo! What a nice day it is. How are you dooooooing?
We’re all doing fine, thank you so very much! Got a minute?
Are you remotely aware of what an internet blog is? You are not?

Well, notwithstanding, you are currently reading a most fine example of one. Though, this is not just any blog. Nope! If you are looking for just any blog, you’re gunna have to look someplace else. Sorry. This, dear reader, is the glorious, magnificent, life-changing 6/24-blog.
Here we are going to highlight proactive initiatives, NGOs or whatever organizations, we find deserve an honourable mention.
It’s like the Oscars, but way better, and we are just certain, with much more people interested.
Problem is: You have probably, maybe, potentially never, ever heard of 6/24.
What an unthinkable outrageousness!
In order to offset this travesty, we have decided to execute the most egotistic idea imaginable:
The very first initiative to present, is going to be 6/24 itself!
It’s okay if you feel the need to lie down, now.

This initiative, which was officially launched at June 24th 2017, was a celebration of the power arts and intellectual, cross-bordering cooperation embodies. The main purpose was to channel this power into a direction, where it can make the world, essentially, a better place.

This June 24th 2017 was not a demonstration of influence, or some kind of mass-competition.
Actually, it wasn’t even an event in a classical sense.
It was merely the demonstration of a fact, we more or less know about, still, tend to forget. That there are by far, enough people in the world, standing up for everything that is beneficial, honest and beautiful.

One way to exemplify this is the concept entitled supportainment.
Which is a strange word, but it means nothing more than seeing all those things in human nature, and peradventure even deciding to spread them, is a rewarding, enjoyable and worthwhile feat.

A wedding cannot sincerely be seen as a single event, celebrating the highpoint of a relationship, but on the contrary, as a toast to the beginning of a lasting unity between two (or maybe more) people. In other contexts, we might refer to this unity as common-spirit.

Similarly, this sparkling, triumphant June 24th 2017 is a monument for the beginning of a more self-aware common-spirit between millions of people all across the globe. We’re all part of the team called humanity.

It’s really easy to continue seeing the beneficial, honest and beautiful issues in the/our world, and tagging it with #sixtwentyfour. Let’s get the word out, and get this thing going even further!



-Simon, your humble 6/24-blogger

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